Notes From Life 2013

Pamela Markoya

Faith is hope with a track record.
Brevity is the soul of wit.
Do not stand by my grave and cry. I am not there. I did not die.
If it has a name, someone has done it.
We are responsible for own lives.
We grow in love with ourselves and with others.
I am lovable.
Spirit is in the pause.
Make yourself familiar with the angels for without being seen they are present with you…
and behold  them frequently in Spirit.
Spirit, blow my mind so I can connect with my heart and know Your Presence even more.
My first thought is usually my humanness…
My second thought is my Spirit.
Check in with Spirit.
I am closer than you think.
Spirit does not let you win the battle… Spirit raises you above the battlefield.
In Spirit’s economy, there’s enough.
Pray as if everything depended on Spirit.
Work as though everything depended on me.
Thanks for everything. I have no complaints whatsoever.
I feel, I felt, I found…. Identify not compare.
Don’t be so hard on myself. Be self-forgiving.
Forgiveness is non-attachment and non-resistance.
Humans are pack animals… I need my pack.
Don’t quit before the miracle.
Put more into life than what I am taking out.
Do small things with great love.
Tides change… moons change… things change.
The experience of Spirit is not a concept; it’s a knowing.
Life is a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved.
Spiritual amnesia… is learning how to do and forgetting how to be.
Be more, do less.
Life is learning to live with unresolved problems.
Your life is my will.
People need to be heard, not fixed.
Don’t try to win; Just try not to lose.
Higher Power is the great mystery and the great reality.
The amends are for me… sets me free. I’m sorry and I’m changing.
Without faith nothing is possible. With faith nothing is impossible.
Think. Intend. Know.
Prepare your mind to receive the best that life has to offer.
The premise, the practice, the promise, the possibility: All discord will be removed with love. Live by the premise and we inherit the power to create everything. This is the promise.
When I am in Spirit, I am in love, abundance and connection.
It is possible and it is happening.
If you put it down on paper, it stops moving around.
Know thy self, help others.
If you ask Spirit for help, people will show up.
What is important is what we overcome, not what we are trying to be.
GUS: Great Universal Spirits
Who’s ready to give up the high cost of living?
You must have seeds of faith to be an ardent gardener.
I am ready… I am ready to be surprised.
There is nothing lost in the universe.
Ask Spirit to satisfy this hole within me.
Instead of praying for what you want, pray to want what you have. Then thank Spirit for this. Suit up,  show up, trust Spirit, and keep marching.
Consciousness lifts our awareness into receptivity where miracles occur.
Spirit, please give me space between my thoughts and actions.
Avail myself to Spirit.
I stepped away long enough to hear myself tell my story and it changed.
We come together to be closer to Spirit.
More people have gotten drunk trying to accept the things they needed to change.
What am I pretending not to know? Let “something” bigger than me take care of it.
AA gives me a way to stop drinking and a way of life to live without drinking.
On a wing and a prayer.
You don’t have to believe it for it to work.
I see the presence of Spirit everywhere.
Spirit can do anything.
There’s no more “go to” except for my Higher Power.
I am living my life today with Courtesy, Kindness, Justice and Love.
The joy of living one day at a time is Fun, Lighthearted and in the Sunlight.
Any amend I don’t make is stealing my freedom… Do It!
Universal Mind of Intelligence is Living in Faith and the result is I love my own company.
I suffer from a condition called, “First Thought Wrong!”
Roger Housdan, Sacred Journey’s in a Modern World : “Every moment was asking me to awaken to the secret design of my life hidden to my own daylight eyes… Unique for every person; the cast of a Soul has an unspeakable intelligence … The intelligence in every human heart that longs to know itself in the light of the world.”
Yes, make friends with uncertainty.
Strip your prayers, simplify, de-intellectualize. Reach Spirit not through understanding but
through Love.
Spirituality is living a positive and creative life instead of being negative and self-destructive.
We have to become teachable and we have to remain teachable.
Jacob Nordby “Blessed are the weird people… the poets, the misfits, the painters, the writers and
the troubadours… they teach us to see the world through different eyes.”

One of the first fruits of meditation is emotional balance.
John Cage: “Instead of choosing between two or three options ask radical questions, asking for changes. I welcome whatever comes next.”
Chuang Tzu: “What makes things so? Making them so makes them so.”
Logan: “I’m going to turn my life over to a Higher Power and it’s going to change me in ways I can not predict. I’ve learned to come out from behind my eyes.”
I like to ‘oracle”; take a spiritual book, open it and read it.
Anger is only one direction. I need to find another way to communicate what I need.
Don’t drink and come here to tell us about it.
To what level of loving do I want to aspire to?
Send Spirit in first.
The difference between thinking it and doing it is everything.
Coincidence is Spirit working anonymously.
Show me the open doors and help me to walk through them.
GOD: Give Others Dignity.    Get Over Doubt.
We can grow strongest in the places we were broken.
We do not shoot our wounded.
Eric Butterworth: “I am God’s living enterprise and God can not fail.”
Beatitude means happy, fortunate and blissful. Kingdom of heaven is oneness. Bliss is connected to all oneness.
Place spiritual growth first.
Shame relies on isolation to grow so we must share our secrets.
Our lives are like origami; we don’t know what it looks like until the last fold.
We have ceased fighting everyone and everything.
Spirit wants me sober and happy.
A change of feeling is a change of destiny.
First acceptance, then gratitude and peace will come… a peace beyond understanding.
Ask the Higher Power to please come closer.
Put myself in healing places and I will be healed.
When alcoholics project, they end up in the darkroom developing negatives.
Say “Thank You” a lot and don’t ask too many questions.
Faith… I may not have proof but I have a lot of evidence.
If you want to have a good marriage, stop yourself from saying three things.
Jealousy is when I count other people’s blessing instead of counting my own.
The art of action and the art of repose are both needed.
Spirit could do for me what I could not do for myself.
Home is acceptance.
Let life come in and show me what to do on a daily basis.
The lesson becomes the gift.
Delayed gratification is rewarding.
I need to play!
The Journey from the Mind to the Heart … take it.
I need an expanding Spirit because I am an evolving person.
The point IS living in the moment.
“This” is a spiritual detail of my life.
My imperfections lead me to spiritual enlightenment.
Acceptance is important… being present is essential.
You don’t have to like them; you don’t even have to ever see them again. But you do have to love then enough to ask God to do miracles in their life.
Slogans are shorthand for powerful tools.
Analysis… Paralysis… Just do it.
The power of curiosity; help me to be humble so I can be teachable.
A demand is “it has to be this way”. A request is “I would prefer it to be this way and will consider something else”.
Belief means reliance not defiance.
When the door opens walk through.
Wherever I go, I am guided, provided, directed and protected.
Spiritual practice breeds spiritual muscle… we need to practice.
There is no pit deeper than God’s love.
Your vulnerability, not your light, attracts people.
In Spirit’s economy, nothing is wasted; everything happens for a reason.
Spirit is what happens. My will is what I want to happen. Spirit is the bigger picture.
If I had known better, I would have done better.
I walked slowly… and I felt something… inexplicable.
If I don’t get what I want, help me to want what I get.
I say what I mean, I mean what I say, and I don’t say it meanly.
If I don’t transform pain, I will transmit it.
Call or not call, go or don’t go… Spirit is present.
Let your goodness be your God.
This is life… Appreciate this life.

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