Pause 101

Pamela Markoya  copyright 2010

For the past year, I have been carrying a small spiral notebook with me. When I heard some words of wisdom, I took note of them. One day I read these notes to my dear friend, Eliza. She asked me to write them into a spiral notebook of hers and she titled it “Pamela’s Prayers”. Over the year, I’ve tallied up 101 pause moments. I am thankful to all the anonymous people and the quiet voice within that originally stated these inspiring words… Here they are.I hope they resonate with you as they do with me.

Pause and enjoy.


  1. If the road is long, don’t stop. If the night is black, don’t quit. God is watching … Nothing is too great or too difficult for Grace.
  2. I just want an experience of God so … Let Go and Let God be God in my life. Trust this.
  3. God is asking me to come out of my shell … To be who I am. Leaders are people amongst people.
  4. Never miss an opportunity to shut up … And live well.
  5. When an emotion, situation or conflict arises… Step back, pause and wait to respond. What is my part in this? Respond honestly.
  6. Set Aside Prayer : God, Please help me to set aside everything I think I know about You, and Me and …. To have an open mind and a new experience of You and Me and … So that I can see through your eyes, hear through your ears and speak your words.
  7. The softer I whisper, the better it will go. Acceptance and Gratitude.
  8. God please don’t forget about me. Even if I forget about you.
  9. Let Love In: When taking a shower. Imagine the water is showering you with love. Let the Love of Others In.
  10. God reached into me and took that part … Surrender.
  11. If I pray, don’t worry. If I worry, don’t pray.
  12. God’s rejection is my Protection.
  13. God please bless this or please block this.
  14. Forgiveness happens when I realize and accept I don’t have the right to tell you how to act.
  15. Happiness is the byproduct of good living. Gratitude List.
  16. My Higher Power is a Shape-Shifter. Let my mind check into the Five-Star Hotel of Gratitude. Ask Gently.
  17. Don’t limit my Higher Power. I’m living in the I Don’t Know. It’s fun to live in the I Don’t Know.
  18. Be who I am and say what I feel. Because those that matter, don’t mind … And those that mind, don’t matter.
  19. Ask God for protection and care with complete abandon.
  20. THINK before speaking. T houghtful, H elpful, I ntelligent, N ecessary, K ind
  21. HALT   H ungry, A ngry, L onely, T ired
  22. God answers in four ways: 1. No, not now. 2. No, I love you too much. 3. Yes, I thought you would never ask. 4. Yes, and here is a whole lot more.
  23. The only thing worse than my problems are my solutions to my problems.
  24. In order to experience the new… the current, I must be still, let go, and be.
  25. Fill my mouth with good stuff, And stop me when I’ve said enough.
  26. The Soul loves the truth.
  27. Turn. Trust God. Fling from thee all that is less.
  28. I used to think that my problems were bigger than God. Now my God is bigger than my problems.
  29. God’s Will won’t take me, Where Grace won’t carry me.
  30. I have the right to thrive.
  31. Decisions are discovered not made.
  32. I don’t want to be defeated by my discomfort. We heal by going through the wound.
  33. God comes to me as my life.
  34. Washing my hands, I am touching God.
  35. Two questions: Is God in the picture? Am I in the present? This is it.
  36. If God brings you to it, God will bring you through it.
  37. I have been praying for my Soul to guide me. It is.
  38. Choosing Hope Over Fear.
  39. Discover what makes me come alive. Give myself permission to do these things and assuredly I will begin to thrive.
  40. Keep my knees soft so I’m ready to move.
  41. Be open, Be appreciative, Be kind, And above all, Be real
  42. I will let you love me as you see fit.
  43. I am looking out with love, I am looking out with wonder.
  44. Surrender and the healing has already begun.
  45. WAIT Why Am I Talking?
  46. Reliance, Reliance on Spirit, Reliance on Spiritual Connection.
  47. Never under estimate the exchange of kindness.
  48. All these things are in my mind that I think I “should” do … And it builds up pressure. Then I say, Maybe God doesn’t want me to do all that. And the pressure is off!
  49. Intimacy: Into Me You See. Intimacy is the exploration with another in a place of safety.
  50. The weight of a good book on my stomach is as wonderful as a good lover.
  51. Things don’t happen to me … They happen for me.
  52. Every time I drop my hankerchief, the universe picks it up and hands me something better.
  53. I sought my Soul but my Soul I could not see. I sought my God but my God eluded me. I sought my friends and I found all three.
  54. Passion is the Hand of God motivating people into Divinity.
  55. I pray with my fingers in a bowl to let the air through … We all need air between us, a space…        A space for God to tend for us.
  56. What am I trying to fill the emptiness with today?
  57. Intuition needs support through prayer and meditation.
  58. A miracle is a shift in perception.
  59. Wear life like a loose garment … Progress not perfection.
  60. When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.
  61. I have temporarily forgotten how much I love you. You have temporarily forgotten how much you love me.
  62. To get something I never had, I have to do something I never did.
  63. Spiritual Economy … restored to a state where I want to live. Pay attention… and be amazed at how God works in my life.
  64. I have unshakeable faith in the perfect outcome of every situation in my life.
  65. This is a miracle. Miracles happen every day.
  66. Fear is the misuse of imagination.
  67. I am open to my Beloved and to love and be loved with all my Heart.
  68. My Higher Power is king, loving, generous and forgiving … and is so much bigger than my problems. God, please take this…
  69. There is a timing in life that has nothing to do with us. There are results in life that have nothing to do with us.
  70. My feelings set me free where my thoughts held me bondage.
  71. See everything differently. Try everything differently.
  72. Shutter lag… a short pause, will help me get the right picture.
  73. If I feel disturbed and the problem is with me, that’s hopeful. I can change me… that’s God’s work.  I cannot change others.
  74. Don’t get hung up in transitory occurrences.
  75. Problems are opportunities in work clothes.
  76. There is a solution… a change of perspective.
  77. I don’t have to do the ego’s job. I just need to do God’s Will, My heart’s desire.
  78. Who is the person God wants me to be? Walk in the direction of my dreams … God will bring me where I am meant to be.
  79. Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom.
  80. Too much energy spent in thinking distances me from God.
  81. Whatever is in the way is the way.
  82. Selective surrender… Am I entirely ready to surrender?
  83. When depressed, my job is to be the best, depressed person I can be.
  84. Don’t let the life Spirit has given you, lead you away from Spirit.
  85. FROG  Fully  Relying  OGod
  86. Spiritual Axiom: Lighten up. Everything in my life is as it should be.
  87. Let me be as God sees me.
  88. Ask God… Simply Ask.
  89. When I stop believing, I am trying to figure things out rather than accepting.
  90. 80% of my problems can be solved with a sandwich and/or a nap.
  91. I don’t know what I don’t know.
  92. Stop striving. Surrender. Striving is reaching for something that is not there and sets up a toxic state in me.
  93. When agitated or in doubt, don’t say anything and go to a neutral corner.
  94. God gave us life. Now go live it.
  95. Surrender to win. We stop fighting everyone and everything. And we win.
  96. Rule 62 … Do not take myself so seriously. It is what it is.
  97. Hope is a spiritual awakening … God, please do this for me.
  98. In one moment, the whirlwind stopped and I knew a new freedom.
  99. How to live Hopefully: Show up. Pay attention (to what has heart and meaning). Be honest (without judgment and blame). Let go of outcome (but be open to it).
  100. Bless them, change me.

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