Love Letter to Life 03.26.2023 Snow Showers

Dear Life, The clouds, freezing temps, and snow showers persist in the high desert in what can only be described as a gnarly Spring. Yesterday during a brief appearance of the sun but still cold, I drove north with a friend to Abiquiu. The roadside restaurant we hoped to eat at was closed due to “the staff have Covid”. Ah, the pandemic. We made our way to the Abiquiu Inn and enjoyed their fare. The landscape on both sides of the road showed little signs of Spring: globe trees with a golden shade of life and the river flowing strong. I know the earth is waking up and the sun is behind those clouds with the promise of warm days. Today’s watercolor is Snow Showers with a ray of hope.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Watercolor 03.26.2023

Love Letter to Life 03.25.2023 Heart Travel

Dear Life, I went to the mall to take a walk indoors but there were so many people, I turned around and came home. Snow and rain came and went all day. I sat at the art table, watching the weather and eventually picked up a pen, a brush, a scissors. I drew, painted and collaged. Came across this quote, “It’s your heart that takes you places.” It’s true for me especially living with cancer. There are many ways to travel no matter the restrictions. I believe in my heart and health and love and breakfast in bed and roses and going with the flow. Thank you snow and rain.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Collage and Watercolor 03.24.2023

Love Letter to Life 03.23.2023 Sibling Sunset

Dear Life, My sister Arlene is visiting my brother Louis in St Petersburg, FL. I spoke with them as they were on their way to the beach to watch the sunset. Sunny and 75′. Enviable weather. I painted this watercolor after our call. This is how I transport myself with art and imagine myself anywhere. Certainly helps to have this “ability” given the recent years of pandemic restrictions and the limitations cancer treatments has imposed on my life. Yet I feel free. A gift of being an artist and sober.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Watercolor 03.22.2023

Love Letter to Life 03.22.2023 Snow Spring

Dear Life, Several days have seen freezing temps and snow showers. I’ve been enjoying quiet hours of reading, writing, studio time, making warm meals, phone visits and watching TV. Surgery was six weeks ago. Oral cancer meds started six days ago. My body is adjusting and continues to heal. Today under a gray sky I will venture out and be amongst people. I am still careful about crowds so wear a mask and go places at their slower hours. The earth is soaking in all the precipitation. Beneath the surface everything is coming alive. Me too!
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Collage 03.22.2023

Love Letters to Life 03.20.2023 Spring Equinox

Dear Life, Woke to a light covering of snow on the first day of Spring. I painted a watercolor to express how this feels. My heart’s desires, roots, and seeds, dormant during a long Winter begin to come alive into the hands and gifts of Spring. My body and mind are aligned with Spirit, love, creativity, and radiant health. Energy and strength come from within, my Life Force, the same Power that governs the seasons, the planets, the universe. I feel hope, curiosity and enthusiasm as this new season begins.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Watercolor 03.20.2023

Love Letter to Life 03.19.2023 Winter of Repose

Dear Life, January 2023: I was diagnosed with Endometrial Cancer requiring immediate surgery, a radical hysterectomy. Totally separate from Lymphoma diagnosed in Jan 2020. February: Pre- and post- surgery. I slept three weeks. Quarantined. March: Recovering from surgery continues as I resume treatments for Lymphoma. Soft cotton bedding and pillows wrap me in comfort as my unconscious does all the work in my dreams while I sleep. Still clocking in 10-12 hours of snoozing. My body is rejuvenating. I feel new energy and strength. I am that puff of cloud floating in a promising blue sky. Do I dare wake from this dream? Spring is near.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Collage 03.17.2023

Love Letter to Life 03.17.2023 Oral Medication Begins

Dear Life, Fed-Ex delivered REVLMID 5mg oral medication today. Downed the first one with a full glass of water. 21 days on, 7 days off, repeat. Next infusion first week of April. The pharmacist asked me to track side effects. It was impossible to know how the first round affected me due to surgery. I begin oral meds again, this time, with a lower dose. I am feeling stronger as surgery moves further into rearview window. My miraculous body is a lot like my mother’s, the Hungarian Tank, who is still rolling at 92. I am gratefully still rocking and rolling!
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Rose Markoya, my mother years ago

Love Letter to Life 03.15.2023 A Poem

Dear Life, After receiving a wonderful “birthday” gift to happen in May, I sat at my art table and wrote this:

Light laced into the hail
Rain fell into the patterns
Clouds obscured the sun
Followed by a sheer veil
Shades of gray mints
Thrown over the distance

Witnessed in a few minutes
While sitting at the art table
Eyes level with a west-facing window
I am an onlooker to the ever-changing
Whims of seasonal expression
Giving an Oscar Award performance

Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

White Acrylic on Black Canvas