Love Letter to Life 10.19.2021 Morning Light

Dear Life, A week ago, I moved. Furniture is in place, books are are shelves, art work is up, and housewares have their new home. There’s some unpacking and organizing to do in the studio with an eye to start working in there later today or tomorrow. Most importantly, I am happy here. Sleeping well in the cozy bedroom. Birds are happy, too. Love the sound of children playing in the schoolyard down the street. Body is holding up to all the work each day. My mind has caught on: We live HERE now. And my Spirit is delighted. I am having a new experience of living. How good is that.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Love Letter to Life 10.17.2021 About A Breakdown

Dear Life, I receive Maria Popova’s newsletter, BRAINPICKINGS. Her writing is brilliant as are her choices of who she features. This week is especially meaningful, given the “breakdown” I experienced on moving day; not to mention all the ones along the way here after being diagnosed with Lymphoma. I am strong and resilient, AND vulnerable and immunologically compromised. Please take a minute today to read this. Insightful.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Maria Popova quoting Alain de Botton, The School of Life
“With his characteristic eloquence and sensitivity, Alain de Botton offers a mighty antidote to that mythos in a portion of The School of Life: An Emotional Education”…
“A breakdown is not merely a random piece of madness or malfunction; it is a very real — albeit very inarticulate — bid for health and self-knowledge. It is an attempt by one part of our mind to force the other into a process of growth, self-understanding and self-development that it has hitherto refused to undertake. If we can put it paradoxically, it is an attempt to jump-start a process of getting well — properly well — through a stage of falling very ill.”
“In the midst of a breakdown, we often wonder whether we have gone mad. We have not. We’re behaving oddly, no doubt, but beneath the agitation we are on a hidden yet logical search for health. We haven’t become ill; we were ill already. Our crisis, if we can get through it, is an attempt to dislodge us from a toxic status quo and constitutes an insistent call to rebuild our lives on a more authentic and sincere basis. It belongs, in the most acute and panicked way, to the search for self-knowledge.”

Love Letter to Life 10.15.2021 These Hands

Dear Life, My hands have touched so many of my things in the past weeks getting ready, packing, unpacking and placing them in my new home. There’s a little more unpacking and beautifying to do. These hands need to make art. Helps me to be grounded. These hands are so grateful to all the hands that are helping me during this move. I can’t lift or bend so your hands are invaluable. THANK YOU. LOVE YOU.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

My Hands

Love Letter to Life 10.14.21 Blood Counts Up and Bells Ringing

Dear Life, Dr. Snyder told me, “Blood counts are up. This is good.” I smiled real big and said, “Moving must be good for me.” I pulled aside my “mask” for a moment so he could see an ear-to-ear grin. His words were music to my ears … like the Cathedral Bells I heard this morning at 7:00am. Yes, I live close enough to the St. Francis Cathedral that I can hear the Bells. It’s a homecoming. From 2009-2018, I heard the Bells everyday from where I lived. The sounds and colors of my life. The gifts and Grace of living.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Colors For New Paintings

Love Letter to Life 10.13.2021 Yikes! Too Much Stuff

Dear Life, When you move from a 1400 sq. foot loft into an adobe “jewel box” you quickly discover YIKES! I have too much stuff. I’m in new place with boxes and bins up to chin. My helping posse, that I’m so grateful for, will be here today to help unpack and make a run to storage with that which does not fit. Watching Brain and Bill put on my bed’s “dust ruffle” was hilarious. You guys are the best AND learning new skills! Netflix worthy.
I fit snugly into my beautiful bed last night and slept 7 blissful hours.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Love Letter to Life 10.11.2021 When Green Turns Red

Dear Life, Took this photo on my early evening walk around the Loft complex. I’ve seen it turn color daily. Tomorrow, I begin to walk a new neighborhood, discovering new trees, sights, friends, life. Today, finish up the personal packing, go to new apartment and turn on the heat. Mercury falling. And I’m seeing the colors of life change. New Beginnings. New Blood. Thank you to all who donate your blood and time to help me.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Beautiful Tree In Loft Complex 10.10.2021

Love Letter to Life 10.10.2021 Clouds and Bare Walls

Dear Life, Woke to clouds peeking in on me through skylights. Bare walls, save for a few photos over my desk, stared at me. On Tuesday, the movers will be here and furniture transported. Yesterday, I stood in the new apartment with three friends and felt joy well up within and pour out in tears. An empty apartment needs the love of friends to fill it up to make it feel like “home”. I feel better about moving. My body feels better after Friday’s blood transfusion. And the drive to Galisteo late afternoon to see the beauty was refreshing. I feel ready for today. Lean In.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Loft in Cloud Light 10.10.2021

Love Letter to Life 10.09.2021 Inspiration In-Between

Dear Life, This photo I took in 2019 popped up on my phone yesterday as everything I own was going into boxes and bins. AH HAH moment. There is more to life than moving and cancer and worrying about it all. There are beautiful landscapes to be discovered and seen in this beautiful state of in-between. I’m going to take a drive to Galisteo to see the cottonwood trees turning gold and the clouds kissing the glorious land.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

New Mexico Inspiration 2019

Love Letter to Life 10.08.2021 Hospital Infusion Center

Dear Life, Since 7:30am, I’ve been tucked into a curtained cubicle receiving 2 units of blood. Infusion takes 5-6 hours. Yesterday I received a white cell stimulation injection in my belly at the Cancer Center. I need these treatments to help falling blood counts. My body is unfortunately not holding onto or multiplying blood cells and platelets. Not good news. Please keep the prayers coming. I really do feel your positive intentions mentally, emotionally and spiritually… and that helps heal my body. Acceptance is key.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Hospital Cubicle 10.08.2021