The Shape-Making of an Autonomous Woman Part Two

04.08.2010          The Shape-Making Of An Autonomous Woman
The shape-making of an autonomous woman
Spiritually creating
Less is more
Slower is faster
Keeping my bearings
Maintaining my shape-forming
Spiritually in an awakening
Physically moving
Learning to care for self
Emotionally transformative
Integrating who I am
From completely new pieces

04.12.2010          Yellow Light White Light
Green light has been shining bright
Then an accident
The airbag came out around me
A buffer A protection
Pause Yellow light
Pause to take the time
To receive More information
To access A whole meaning
A card was sent today
White light
A dandelion surrounded in green
“If I could make a wish
I wish you were here”
Be in the light
Go everywhere with grace
Message clear
Can I trust
No matter what happens
Resting at the yellow light
I am in heaven

04.15.2010          Who Will Kiss Me
Wonder as I get ready for bed
Who will be the first to kiss me
Sweet troubadour
Distant soul star
Or Someone yet to meet
Angels surround me
Smiling they know
All three
I saw a dusty car window today
That displayed a great
Message in the grime
“I wish my wife were this dirty”
Remember this
Dirty Is Good
Learn life lessons everywhere

04.16.2010          Can I Relax And Take It Easy
Deep breathing
On the wake of a wave
Flurry of emails and phone calls
An envelope in the mail today
Contained three photos
The Navigator bike
Cushy seat
With an invitation
Wanna go to Block Isle
Scampi the Legendary Sch. Family Cat
Green plush summer lawn
You standing in pond
Twenty one
Wet skivvies
White tee
My drop in the water
I was looking for yesterday
And you are here

04.17.2010          Where R U
Switching lanes
Must stay in my body
Banged front tooth
Bent brace wire
Tooth moved
Braces are a metaphor
And really on right now
Straightening of my life
Don’t push the river
Don’t go over the speed limit
Pay attention to this
Go inside
And be
Don’t miss out on this time
We will never be here again

04.19.2010          Muscle Spasm Love
Took me out of meditation meeting
On a stretcher
At emergency room
In good hands”
Can I do anything from here?
You just did”
Muscle spasm love
“I’m coming to Santa Fe
I’m coming to get you
I am going to take care of you
A proclamation of how good
You will be
To me and for me
Singing me songs
“From the most comfortable bed
with a view of Long Island sound”
Under the influence
Of potent pain killers
And powerful love
Breathe sweet troubadour
And hear
My heart beating
With yours

04.20.2010          I Want To Sleep With You In The Desert Under The Stars
Sleepy eyes
Sad romance songs
Nearly empty bar
Thoughts leave the room
My heart beating a path to you
And now I breathe
My body landing in spirit
Breathing into a deep place
Of rest
Thank you
For night fall
And soft sheets
And a firm mattress
And dreams
I want to sleep with you
In the desert
Under the stars

04.21.2010           Into The Fire
To have the same frequency
The same vibration
As love
Stand in the fire
With me
And know when to step out
Before we explode
But stand long enough
In the fire with me
To be shaped
By burning love
Made new
Each time
We choose
To go
Into the fire

04.23.2010     A.M. Email P.M. Text
Girl on fire
Earth Day is Every Day
My personal earth day question
How is a girl who likes flying in the ethers
So much
Ever going to have a roll in the hay
Rhetorical to hysterical
I am liquid
Running deep
And rich
And real
Like a warm soft comforter
All over you
Into a river of sleep

04.25.2010          Almost All Most A Full Moon
Shimmering sunset light
Blossoms exploding in color
Gentle wind applauding
Shaking limbs and leaf
Useless sweet puffs of clouds
Hang close to the mountains
Turning pink to gold
As I smile
Above it all
An almost full moon
Pulls me upward
And away
Towards you
Into the ethers
I go in all ways
Kissing the moon

04.26.2010          Clarification Please
Legs straight up in the air
With pink toenails
Honest thinking
Instead of wishful
How many places
Between the 2100 miles
Have you asked me
To meet you
In my wake
Perhaps that is divine design
There is more being
Clarified than meets the eye
A full moon is forming
My body is going liquid
Waves rushing through me
I feel lonely tonight
I want a real date
With a real man

04.30.2010          Snow Hail Rain Sun
Wishing I could run
Across the desert
Fly through the sky
Into your arms
On a crazy weather loop
Snow hail rain sun

05.02.2010           Cocoon Swoon Dance
Pink clouds at sunrise
Snow kissing the day hello
Wrapped in soft cotton
Swirls of pheromone
Glands swell
Temperature rises
Body moves
Cocoon Swoon Dance

05.03.2010          Let’s Never See Each Other In Person This is Heaven
I sigh
I lie down at 4pm
In the cocoon
In the space of in-between
In the Waiting Room
My body wants to spoon
My limbs want to be tangled
My hairline wants to sweat
My nervous system wants to pump
My pelvic wants to pulsate
My breathe wants to
Exhale femininity and inhale you
I’m waiting for who?
Let’s see each other in person
And know heaven on earth

05.05.2010           Dream Up
“Dream up
Dream up
Let me fill your cup
With the promise
Of a man”
“Art washed away
from the soul
the dust
of everyday life”.
Pablo Picasso
“Dream up
Dream up
Let me fill your cup
With the promise
Of a woman”

05.06.2010        These Are The Eyes On Mother’s Day
These are the eyes
That have never seen her child
These are the ears
That have never heard her child
These are the arms
That have never held her child
These are the legs
That have never walked her child
These are the hands
That never touched her child
This is the heart
That has always loved her

05.06.2010           Curls In The Air
On low self-esteem days
I curl my long brown hair
Simple solutions
Movie Star Waves
Coming at you!

05.07.2010            Migraine Strain
Saw the white dots
Spirit moved out of body
Chasing light
Leaving pain
Flattened for the day

05.08.2010            One One One Won
Good day
One cotton white sheet
One soft down comforter
One silk covered pillow
To rest my precious head on
I am lucky
I love to work
I work to love
“Turn, trust Spirit, and flee from thee all that is less”.

05.09.2010           Crooked Places
Have braces on my teeth since September
They serve as a metaphor for my life
Straightening out the crooked places
The man did not land
My teeth ache today
Another Virgin Awakening
Bent into love

05.10.2010          Send Me Peonies
Aching heart and head and shoulders
Want you to send me flowers
Yes peonies
Peonies would be wonderful
Listening to dramatic sitar music
Suits my mood
Deep river
Swimming width and depth
No more on the surface
Cotton candy text
Send me your underpants
Send me your peonies
Send me your heart
Send me your sad story
Send me your sincerity
Send me your truth
I will receive it
I will listen
I am tumbling across the windswept landscape
Rolling past a grandmother asking me to find
Her first grand-daughter
Rolling past doors
I said I would not open
That now are ajar
Rolling past rules I made that I said
I will retire
Rolling past feelings of longing
Rolling past dreams of asking
Am I awake or dreaming
Are you here or hear me
Rolling Rolling Rolling
Spinning Spinning Spinning
Turning Turning Turning
Yearning Yearning Yearning
To land on a man
Who will put his arms around me
And Stand strong
As the wind blows

05.12.2010          Ascend
I sing a prayer of wonder and a song of appreciation
I feel the joy that runs through
The ever-widening river
That has been trenched by nights of sorrow
And deep tears of grief and forgiveness
As the day comes in to greet me
Sweet useless clouds float by
In the ever-changing colors of the sky
The landscape within is an infinite luminous being
I sing a prayer of thankfulness
Full of awe and wonder
As the day comes to greet me
As the mountains move from asunder
Where they have slept with ancient wisdom
The light wakes up the mesas
The wind moves across the desert
Where a woman sings a morning prayer
In candlelight and love

05.13.2010          As I Sing A Prayer
Spirit flies to be there amongst the beauty, the wonder
The songs of you and others
May you know I am with you
Your body is electric
Your spirit is in the ethers
Appreciate the air here
This is where I fly with you
This is where we travel
This is where there is no rhyme or reason
Infinite luminous love
I swim in the deep river with the magic gills of ancients
Where I gather shells of wisdom
Moving slowly with the currents
Where light plays wavering games
I tumble, toss, and turn
I surface with a starfish
I give it to you, a gift
I walk upon this desert earth
I sing a song of love
I walk upon the water
I sing a song of love
I walk upon the pathways of a human life ascending
As I sing a prayer of love

05.14.2010           Meditation Meeting
Amidst the grumbling stomachs
The rolling breath
We come to rest
Our weary body
And restless mind
We are healed

05.15.2010          Overtime
Over time
We stopped seeing
The luminous being
Of our union
Of our souls
Over time
We stopped singing
The harmonies
Of our union
Of our souls
Over time
We stopped hearing
The poetry
Of our union
Of our souls
Over time
We stopped breathing
The life
Of our union
Of our souls
Over time
Our souls took flight
In order
To live.

05.16.2010          The Know Place
As the days pass with rising temperatures
Increased light and sweet longing
I understand This Is The Springtime Of My Life
Seeing fluffy dwarf bunnies and calling
Because I want to tell you
How beautiful they are, how soft
And how happy I am
You are sitting in a Sandwich Shoppe
Eating lemongrass chicken and cupcakes
Holding the door open for the lady coming in
Metaphorically and in real time
We move closer as the days drop off the calendar
As the nights go brighter
And the moon cycles
Calling us
Drawing us nearer
Whispering sweet nothings
Declaring this is…. We are some thing
Some thing of force and song and word
And heart…
Hearts beating
Smiles beaming
Over miles that disappear
As Spirits join in the true place
The one place
The Know Place
The Space where
We are looking out with love
We are looking out with wonder

05.20.2010          An Unfailing Love
Swim in the infinite river of what has been
Fly in the infinite ethers of what is to be
Live within this moment of unfailing love
That makes it all possible
The Eternal White Flame
I pull the starfish from the depths
I pull the shining star from the heights
These are my gifts…. For you
These are our treasures…. To enjoy
Gemini Rising Tonight

05.23.20010          A Perfect Birthday
Had a perfect day
Have one last birthday wish
Wish I were in the sack
With you
Just lit the Dragonfly Candle
Sang Happy Birthday
Sweet smile
Tired body
Complete gratitude
Sleep now

05.26.2010          I am With You In Spirit
Breathe and Be Still and Know
I am transforming
Growing wings in the chrysalis
I love the quiet and the safe place
In the Waiting in this Grace
I breathe and swim and fly
In the Space
In the river
In the sky
I look out with eyes of wonder
In to the mirrors and reflections
I listen with ears of perfect pitch
To the amazing orchestration
Of this new melody
Thank you

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