The Shape-Making of an Autonomous Woman Part Two

By Pamela Markoya


8       26 MAY 10          I AM WITH YOU IN SPIRIT

Breathe and Be Still and Know

I am transforming

Growing wings in the chrysalis

I love the quiet and the safe place

In the Waiting in this Grace

I breathe and swim and fly

In the Space

In the river

In the sky

I look out with eyes of wonder

In to the mirrors and reflections

I listen with ears of perfect pitch

To the amazing orchestration

Of this new melody

Thank you


7       23 MAY 10          A PERFECT BIRTHDAY

Had a perfect day

Have one last birthday wish

Wish I were in the sack

With you

Just lit the Dragonfly Candle

Sang Happy Birthday to LC Ella

Sweet smile

Tired body

Complete gratitude

Sleep now


6       20 MAY 10          UNFAILING LOVE

Swim in the infinite river of what has been

Fly in the infinite ethers of what is to be

Live within this moment of unfailing love

That makes it all possible

The Eternal White Flame

I pull the starfish from the depths

I pull the shining star from the heights

These are my gifts…. For you

These are our treasures…. To enjoy

Gemini Rising Tonight


5       16 MAY 10          THE KNOW PLACE

As the days pass with rising temperatures

Increased light and sweet longing

I understand This Is The Springtime Of My Life

Seeing fluffy dwarf bunnies and calling

Because I want to tell you

How beautiful they are, how soft

And how happy I am

You are sitting in a Sandwich Shoppe

Eating lemongrass chicken and cupcakes

Holding the door open for the lady coming in

Metaphorically and in real time

We move closer as the days drop off the calendar

As the nights go brighter

And the moon cycles

Calling us

Drawing us nearer

Whispering sweet nothings

Declaring this is…. We are some thing

Some thing of force and song and word

And heart…

Hearts beating

Smiles beaming

Over miles that disappear

As Spirits join in the true place

The one place

The Know Place

The Space where




4       15 MAY 10          OVERTIME

Over time   We stopped seeing

The luminous being

Of our union       Of our souls


Over time   We stopped singing

The harmonies

Of our union       Of our souls


Over time   We stopped hearing

The poetry

Of our union       Of our souls


Over time   We stopped breathing

The life

Of our union       Of our souls


Over time   Our souls took flight


In order              To live.


3       14 MAY 10          MEDITATION MEETING

Amidst the grumbling stomachs

And the rolling breath

We come to rest

Our weary body

And restless mind

We are healed


2       13 MAY 10          AS I SING A PRAYER OF LOVE

Spirit flies to be there amongst the beauty, the wonder

And the songs of you and others

May you know I am with you

Your body is electric

Your spirit is in the ethers

Appreciate the air here

This is where I fly with you

This is where we travel

This is where there is no rhyme or reason

Infinite luminous love

I swim in the deep river with the magic gills of ancients

Where I gather shells of wisdom

Moving slowly with the currents

Where light plays wavering games

I tumble, toss, and turn

I surface with a starfish

I give it to you, a gift

I walk upon this desert earth

I sing a song of love

I walk upon the water

I sing a song of love

I walk upon the pathways of a human life ascending

As I sing a prayer of love


1                12 MAY 10                   ASCEND

I sing a prayer of wonder and a song of appreciation

I feel the joy that runs through

The ever-widening river

That has been trenched by nights of sorrow

And deep tears of grief and forgiveness

As the day comes in to greet me

Sweet useless clouds float by

In the ever-changing colors of the sky

The landscape within is an infinite luminous being

I sing a prayer of thankfulness

Full of awe and wonder

As the day comes to greet me

As the mountains move from asunder

Where they have slept with ancient wisdom

The light wakes up the mesas

The wind moves across the desert

Where a woman sings a morning prayer

In candlelight and love

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