A year and two days

In this past year, I have moved twice, seen the light of the “other side” during a health crisis (a near death experience) requiring much rest and healing to recover. I worked in the studio as best I could. And traveled to NYC, CT, Costa Rica and Eastern Europe with my sister to write and celebrate her birthday. Today, I sit quietly in my loft and consider, what do I want to do here, on this web site and blog. I post images on Instagram and a Love Letter to Life on Facebook . This site needs improvement and refreshing.

An inquiry.


The bed and the work table

It has been a month since I starting living in a new loft. I moved my stuff here in June then left for an extended visit back east… NYC, CT, Maine and the Hudson Valley. I did want to come “home” because I knew I would have to face what I am in now… the unsettling of getting settled into a new living and work space. I am an artist. My studio is as important to me as my living space… and now they are one.

I lie in bed, look across the room and see the work table, paintings, books, art supplies… I sit at the work table, look across the room and see the bed.

They talk to one another… the work table and the bed. The bed says to the table…”come here and take a nap… you deserve it. this moving business is exhausting”…

The work table says to the bed “as inviting and beautiful as you look I am staying here on this side of the room and working”.

This conversation goes on and on throughout the day and evening with variations and flirting. The bed uses every enticement to get the work table’s attention. The work table exercises discipline and focus as best can… while keeping a reasonable and loving relationship to the bed.

It is a new relationship so right now it’s effortless for them to show one another their best selves… and to laugh and mingle and gaze with affection.

Yes it’s love and it’s looking pretty promising… new love.

The Medicine Wheel of Love


The Southwest door of the medicine wheel opens up to Man

Learn – Truth – Interpret Dreams – Corn

The Northeast door of the medicine wheel opens up to Woman

Silence – Illumination – Regeneration – Water & Shells

He is from the Southwest

She is from the Northeast

They are standing on the Universal Altar