Love Letter to Life 07.21.2021 24 Hours And Counting

Dear Life, My launch to Big Denver is in 24 hours. There is much to do and people to see. I focus on what’s important: people I love and what brings me joy. This supports my ongoing health and well-being. This collage affirms: “getting back in touch with what matters” and “To Bloom” no matter the circumstances.
The suitcases will be packed but what I take with me that really matters are all your hugs, support, and love. Thank you.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Love Letter to Life 07.20.2021 Arlene’s Birthday Party Girls 2019

Dear Life, Today is my sister’s birthday. Two years ago, to celebrate her 60th, we went to Prague, Vienna, and Budapest. We saw great art, ate fabulous food, and danced in discos! Magnificent memories. I am sending all my love and hopes for her new dreams to come true across the miles to NYC where she is celebrating with family and friends.
I love you Arlene!
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Love letter to Life 07.19.2021 A Chair and Room Are Waiting

Dear Life, Stem Cell Specialists will be re-engineering my cells and bringing new life into my body. It’s a Miracle of Science and Faith to go through. This is Presbyterian St. Luke’s Hospital where I’ll be receiving out and in-patient treatments beginning Friday. Recently, I sat in the lobby, leather chairs journaling, getting familiar with “this will be my healing home” for a couple of months. My peak climb up Mt. Everest, ie Stem Cell Replacement, will happen here, in a private room, designated, “Pamela’s Environment”. I am still packing.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

1Katherine Maxwell

Love Letter to Life o7 18. 2021 Packing For Denver

Dear Life, Suitcases are open and getting packed for Denver. Anxiety built up since last week and caused disruptive sleep so I have a new medication. I’m sleeping now and feel better. New Announcement: Upon my return to Santa Fe, I have to move from this loft. More changes ahead. I will need help with moving end of September. Big letting go.
The new theme: New Life Within Me and New Life All Around Me.
Thank you for all the wonderful, generous support.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Love Letter to Life 07.17.2021 Shifting Sands

Dear Life, The ground under me has felt like “shifting sand”. Denver test results are coming in with good news/bad news. All the news is giving the professionals information needed to provide me with the perfect treatments. I have a unique diagnosis. There will be a unique treatment. I will benefit and thrive in a unique recovery by keeping my thoughts aligned with the power and energy of love. I am immersed in a field of healing love with all your prayers, energy, and thoughts surrounding me. Keep the vibes positive. Thank You.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Love Letter to Life 07.14.2021 Positive Flow

Dear Life, As the days get closer to “Big Denver”, there are preparations: a list of medical safe items to be purchased; packing appropriate clothes for in-hospital chemo and Stem Cell Replacement, and recovery; ordering cotton caps for my head (can’t wear wig or use make-up during treatments); arranging for my plants to be watered and loft to be cleaned while I am away, etc. The list goes on. The best thing I do is visit with friends before I leave. This helps me stay in the positive flow. Life is happening.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Love Letter to Life 07.13.2021 Pieces of Visions

Dear Life, Making “vision collages” is an intuitive, creative process. I get quiet, reach inward, then choose images and words from magazines and snippets of things I pick up in life. The pieces come together collectively. My life is like the vision collage: It comes together collectively. Sometimes, life feels like the pile of on the collage table: messy and hard to see the bigger picture. I get quiet, touch the pieces of my life each day and trust the process. This is living in faith.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Collage Table 2021

Love Letter to Life 07.12.2021 Ripples and Ruffles

Dear Life, Awake at 1:30am, rolling over a few concerns about upcoming Stem Cell Replacement while living in hotels and a hospital. I am preparing for “Big Denver”. In the middle of the night, it feels scary. I love my life in Santa Fe. Morning light always brings a sigh of relief. I can do this. It’s lived a moment at a time, doing what is mine to do today, and trusting: the future unfolds in pink healing ripples and ruffles. I love pink. I love life.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose