Love Letter to Life 06.03.2023 Booster Breakfast

Dear Life, Today at 9:00am, I receive a white blood booster injection into my stomach tissue. Geeewhizzzz! I prefer gobbling a Marfa Burrito: homemade tortilla with eggs, cheese and potato! Thursday’s blood work showed critically low white blood cell and neutrophil counts. Immune system compromised. Yesterday was 10-4 at the cancer center getting infusion. We made a schedule change in oral meds (less of them) to see if that helps improve my WBC and immune system. And my brain! My body was also on antibiotics for two weeks so with that done, I think there’s a good chance of improvement. Let’s hope so!
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

PRM Marfa, TX 05.23.2023

Love Letter to Life 05.31.2023 A Whisper

Dear Life, Rain in Santa Fe. A perfect day to be in the studio.The month May is coming to a close. I’ve taken future travel plans off the table in order to rest and feel grounded. Be home for awhile, be present, and listen to what my body needs. Take account of the blessings in my life and what has passed. Thursday I have blood tests. Friday see oncologist and receive infusion 9-3pm. Today tap into my creative energy and see where that leads me. Life’s journeys begin within with a whisper. I am listening.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Love Letter to Life 05.29.2023 Prayer Pillow

Dear Life, My sister Arlene made this prayer pillow for me in 2020. There are written prayers, crystals, and lots of love within the beautiful hand-painted cover. The moon radiates a rainbow of teardrops. I think of the many lives lost in pursuit of peace. My prayer is for peace on earth radiating outward from my heart, every heart, and into loving actions. Peace Be With You.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Prayer Pillow 2020 Handmade by Arlene Lawrence