Love Letter to Life 09.27.2021 My ANGEL Muscle Men

Dear Life, Ask and you shall receive! I needed a washer/dryer for my new home and a dear friend who is also moving said, “I have an extra set. They’re yours. A gift”. Thank you. Then I needed to have the W/D moved. These two friends, my Angel Muscle Men, did the job and sent me this selfie making me laugh out loud. I feel loved and cared for by my community. I’ve been in bed for several days giving my body the deep rest it needs for recovery.
I send love and gratitude to all who are helping on the front lines and everyone sending good vibes. Thank you.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Joh and Joost, My Angel Muscle Men

Love Letter to Life 09.26.2021 Equanimity and Ice Cream

Dear Life, Definition of Equanimity: Evenness of mind especially under stress; right disposition; balance. I seek to live within the gifts of balance and peace of mind by being sober, practicing spiritual principles in all my affairs, letting people help me, expressing gratitude, loving myself and others … and eating ice cream, as needed. I’m resting per doctor’s orders. This is being written from the coziness of my bed while I daydream about visiting family and friends in CT, NYC, and Maine.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose


Love Letter to Life 09.25.2021 “Slow Is Not No”, Billie Parker

Dear Life, Wise words save me. Having to move next month after being out of the hospital for only 30 days has consumed me so much so that I ended up physically diminished and in bed due to stress and anxiety. We all know moving is a big stressor. How can I do this without detriment to my body? Let’s start with my mind, the speed demon! Mind, please be helpful and quieter. You’re a great worker but I need rest while trusting the Moving Angels and Saints will prepare and move me. The new rental came about in a timely and miraculous way. The move will come about in an equally good way on October 12th. Today, rest, walk, eat nutritious meals, and smile. My Body and Spirit are on board. Mind, you’re invited to snuggle up for this magical ride. I love you. SLOW IS NOT NO.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Love Letter to Life 09.24.2021 I’m Human; Ain’t A Saint

Dear Life, I know how important it is to keep my thoughts positive for the healing of my body. But yesterday blood counts were up and down. Thankfully no transfusions or treatments. I left the Cancer Center, slipping physically and mentally. Doctor repeats “very slow recovery. Have to expect this”. By 5:30, I was a flat tire yet had to pick up keys to new apartment. I could not measure rooms as intended nor eat a take-out meal with a friend. Came home and sank into the couch then bed. Woke praying, “Dear God, My body and mind needs you and your power to heal. You see me and know me better than I know myself. Have mercy.” Thank you God and everyone for your help. I need you.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Collage 2019

Love Letter to Life 09.23.2021 Enchantment and Change

Dear Life, A month visit to Santa Fe Christmas/New Year of 1989-90, changed the trajectory of my life. The Land of Enchantment grabbed me and in June 1991, I moved here from NYC. For 30 years, I have lived in “the magic spell” of this land. I’m in a new life now, writing a new chapter. Cancer has radically changed the story line but does not define me. My life is thriving with love, relationships, sobriety, and curiosity.
Today, after blood tests, I get the keys to the “jewel box”.
My Life Force each dawn, whispers, “Another Day. Live and Love”.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Love Letter to Life 09.22.2021 Autumn Beginnings

Dear Life, Autumn 2018, these photos were taken. My life was changed after a near-death experience during an 11 day stay in hospital. I had just moved into the loft. Few of my dreams materialized. I was diagnosed with two kinds of Lymphoma. Cancer and treatment became a focus. I made art to help me. Today is Autumn Equinox 2021, a new 90 day season of life changes. I am shedding the loft in a few weeks as trees shed leaves fluttering to the earth for renewal. My new home is built partially into the earth where I will have new experiences of inspiration, healing, health, loving, and living. A day at a time, breathing life into me and this season of renewal.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Love Letter to Life 09.21.2021 Between Full Moon and Autumn Equinox

Dear Life, Powerful time of change for new beginnings. The bright moon has been peeking in on me through the skylights. Enjoy. It’s my last full moon in the loft. October will find me moving and setting up a new home in downtown Santa Fe. I must focus on my health while this happens. I’ve reached out to friends to help with packing and moving the small, fragile stuff, including me! Professional movers will handle the big stuff.
All of it is in Loving Hands. Thank you.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Full Moon Peeking At Me

Love Letter to Life 09.20.2021 Sea Changes

Dear Life, More changes on the horizon. Moving is being planned. I made this collage yesterday to affirm a question I’m asking daily: WHAT SPARKS JOY IN MY LIFE? This includes people, places and things. This inquiry begins within me with an honest, open heart and mind. My hands will touch each object I own and make a decision: Take it or let it go. I’m downsizing so i can live happily in a jewel box. Preparing for new home and saying good-bye to my loft after 3 years. Be The Change.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Love Letter to Love 09.19.2021 Wavering Between Life & Death

Dear Life, The “Atomic Bomb” chemo I received in Denver to prepare my body for Stem Cell Replacement left me wavering between life and death for several days. This changed me, rearranged me. My body and mind are in constant cellular rebuilding. Fatigue tells me to rest so my energy can do this all-important job. My Spirit whispers to me, You Have a Powerful Life Force. Trust This and Live In the Moment With Love.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Life and Death of the Paint Pallette