New Moon, Solar Eclipse, and Spring Equinox

Great power triad of energy happening.
Before going to sleep last night, I opened and looked through the book,
“The Quadrivium was the first formulated and taught by Pythagoras as the Tetraktys around 500 BC, in a community where all were equal, materially and morally, and where women had equal status to men. It was the first European schooling structure that honed education down to seven essential subjects, later know as the seven liberal arts.
The word ‘education” comes from the Latin educere meaning ‘to lead out’, pointing to the central doctrine of Socrates, under Plato’s pen, elucidated so clearly – Knowledge is an inherent and intrinsic part of pure soul structure…. based on the cardinal and objective values of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness… This in turn leads to the essential harmonious value of Wholeness”.
Had an excellent night’s sleep while the earth turned under a new moon and the sun eclipsed.
Right now, Winter is saying, Fare Thee Well to Spring entering with splendor!

Detail of Acrylic Painting

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