Love Letter to Life 06.16.2021 Health First 100%

Dear Life, Due to the uptick in Covid and my compromised immune system, I canceled my trip to NYC/CT to visit family. The focus for next 6 months will be health and treatments. I am in Christus hospital now getting 4 days of chemotherapy. On July 6-8th I’ll be in Denver for the tests to determine if we can proceed with Stem Cell Replacement (have to be cancer free) and that is scheduled for July 21st – September 15th. As these Denver dates approach, I feel the gravity of my diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan. The trip East and coordinating all the travel plans began to overwhelm me. A still small voice within said, “Wait. Focus on health.” My goal along with doctors is to “hit a home run and cure me”. We are aligned for the game for my life! Thank you all for your love and understanding.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose


2 thoughts on “Love Letter to Life 06.16.2021 Health First 100%

  1. Good decision. Rest, calmness, sleep and pacing yourself are your best friends now. ❤️❤️Mary


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