Love letter to Life 07.19.2021 A Chair and Room Are Waiting

Dear Life, Stem Cell Specialists will be re-engineering my cells and bringing new life into my body. It’s a Miracle of Science and Faith to go through. This is Presbyterian St. Luke’s Hospital where I’ll be receiving out and in-patient treatments beginning Friday. Recently, I sat in the lobby, leather chairs journaling, getting familiar with “this will be my healing home” for a couple of months. My peak climb up Mt. Everest, ie Stem Cell Replacement, will happen here, in a private room, designated, “Pamela’s Environment”. I am still packing.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

1Katherine Maxwell

One thought on “Love letter to Life 07.19.2021 A Chair and Room Are Waiting

  1. What a lovely picture of your entry to Pamela’s Environment. I know you will take the best of all of us, including Alan, and your Dad with you.

    Is there an address where I could send a card. (No chocolate I guess.)

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