Love Letter to Life 08.01.2021 Day of Rest and Homesick

Dear Life, I get to rest today after 4 days of stem cell collection. We hit the mark needed to admit me to hospital tomorrow and begin next phase of treatment: 6 days of chemotherapy followed by 1 day of rest then 2 days of transplants with 15-18 days of recovery. Hospital stay will be 24-28 days. I’ve been in Denver for 11 days. I miss beloved Santa Fe, my loft, the high desert earth exploding with green after the monsoons and seeing my friends.
My real “home” is in my heart and I do feel you all touching me with your words of love and support. Thank you from a strong yet tired body with a grateful Spirit.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

My Loft In Santa Fe, NM, 2020

2 thoughts on “Love Letter to Life 08.01.2021 Day of Rest and Homesick

  1. Dear one with tired body. You are a power of example of sticking with it and being brave and knowing how important it is to care for you. As one of your loved ones, i am here for you, thinking and praying and sending rest. Alix

  2. Love you Alix. And I love visualizing your beautiful lake and loon. Thank you for the pics. Next summer we will enjoy kayaking, playing cards, and lobster rolls galore!

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