Love Letter to Life 09.25.2021 “Slow Is Not No”, Billie Parker

Dear Life, Wise words save me. Having to move next month after being out of the hospital for only 30 days has consumed me so much so that I ended up physically diminished and in bed due to stress and anxiety. We all know moving is a big stressor. How can I do this without detriment to my body? Let’s start with my mind, the speed demon! Mind, please be helpful and quieter. You’re a great worker but I need rest while trusting the Moving Angels and Saints will prepare and move me. The new rental came about in a timely and miraculous way. The move will come about in an equally good way on October 12th. Today, rest, walk, eat nutritious meals, and smile. My Body and Spirit are on board. Mind, you’re invited to snuggle up for this magical ride. I love you. SLOW IS NOT NO.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

4 thoughts on “Love Letter to Life 09.25.2021 “Slow Is Not No”, Billie Parker

  1. Let yourself accept the gifts given to you by friends, packers and movers. They are good people who understand what to do. ❤️


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