Love Letter to Life 10.01.2021 Inner Pecans

Dear Life, If you ever wondered what goes on inside of chemo brain, here it is in a nut shell: During my morning writing meditation, I copy word-for word- affirmations from spiritual sources. Yesterday was INNER PEACE however my pen wrote INNER PECANS. I burst out laughing. Thank you Spirit. I realized I needed laughter as much as I need inner peace. I’ll forever seek to embrace the joy of INNER PECANS. NUTS INSIDE AND OUT.I also was lifted in Spirit with Dr. Snyder. We laughed about the craziness of artist’s moving. AND PS:
I am holding up. Slow Recovery. Resilient Body. Willing Mind. Strong Spirit. Lots of help!
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Inner Pecans

One thought on “Love Letter to Life 10.01.2021 Inner Pecans

  1. OOOH! Inner pecans, Inner Almonds, Inner Cashews! My inner nut loves nuts! A laugh certainly can bring inner peace.

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