Love Letter to Life 10.19.2021 Morning Light

Dear Life, A week ago, I moved. Furniture is in place, books are are shelves, art work is up, and housewares have their new home. There’s some unpacking and organizing to do in the studio with an eye to start working in there later today or tomorrow. Most importantly, I am happy here. Sleeping well in the cozy bedroom. Birds are happy, too. Love the sound of children playing in the schoolyard down the street. Body is holding up to all the work each day. My mind has caught on: We live HERE now. And my Spirit is delighted. I am having a new experience of living. How good is that.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

4 thoughts on “Love Letter to Life 10.19.2021 Morning Light

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                                    New  beginnings  new light   new sounds new adventures!                                          Enjoy your new casita…lovely, bright , beautiful, and cozy                                                                   Celebrating You!                                                                                                         


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