Love Letter to Life 11.01.2021 Where Are You?

Dear Life, This question came into the collage and it is good to ask, “Where am I?” First, I look at my feet. Physical: Keep it real, in the body, and answer honestly. More energy each day, peach fuzz on my head, occasional setbacks coupled with fatigue. Mental: self-awareness and focus otherwise the ego-mind can take me to places I don’t want to be: cacophony instead of clarity. Emotional: being present, loving and careful about future calibrating. Live in this moment, in this day, and it’s manageable. Restlessness needs to be met with engaging quarantine activities: a walk in the new hood, reading that satisfies my soul, cooking healthy meal, binge-watching Apple TV series for night-time distraction. Spirit is in it all. Joy, tears, laughter, anger, solitude, curiosity, fear, faith, connecting with others.
Where am I? Alive and reporting from bed!
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose


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