Love Letter to Life 11.22.2021 What All Began In 2018

Dear Life, The hidden life of cancer began in me as early as 2018. I was hospitalized for 10 days after Thanksgiving 2018. Twelve biopsies were performed all coming back negative. But the lymphoma hid out behind my healthy cells until it rushed my body and was diagnosed in January 2020. During this time, I was painting black and white paintings then placing foliage and flowers on the surface to photograph. Also collaged and made drawings with many centers of active energy. A deep creative intuition. This past week, I’ve looked at the art I created 2018 thru 2021. The creative spirit always depicts my inner self and how it’s being dealt with it outwardly.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

White Paint on Black Canvas with Dried Rose and Leaves 12.12.2018

One thought on “Love Letter to Life 11.22.2021 What All Began In 2018

  1. Lovely collage combination tho that’s not a very artistic comment –

    Beautiful blending
    Reality and spirit
    Always together in you


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