Love Letters to Life 11.24.2021 Sacred Interiors

Dear Life, Yesterday, Dr. Bennett and nurse Lauren, smoothly performed multiple biopsies. “Sounds like a nail gun” each time a bit of me was clipped from my pelvic. Came home and took a walk. I’m grateful I can walk, make art, talk on the phone with family and friends, and not open the biopsy report until Dr. Snyder sees me next week after talks with my team about the results and what’s next. Patience helps keep my Sacred Interior peaceful. Sacred Interior is the multiple layers reflected in my life above and below the waterline. I am a high profile introvert. I love connecting with others and also need personal quiet time for creating, reflecting, rejuvenating. My best days are a balance of both.
Yesterday, was a good day.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Collage 11.23.2021

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