Love Letter to Life 11.29.2021 The Best Day Is Today

Dear Life, I don’t often post NYT articles because one, most people won’t read them, and two, they are not my words but the opinion of others. But this article especially struck me as important and a counterbalance to yesterday’s letter. I am declaring, Today is my best day.. and will go forward living each day as my best day. Please read this well-written article to find the evidence of how we can focus our thoughts and actions to create “the best out of the ordinary”. The rigors and fatigue of the pandemic (and cancer) are changing my mental and emotional landscape, as well as my physical movements. Here are ways to appreciate life as it is, this day. I’m always grateful for a lift from someone else’s voice.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

2 thoughts on “Love Letter to Life 11.29.2021 The Best Day Is Today

  1. Wonderful piece Pamela! I sometimes post articles on FB that I imagine no one reads. But the possibility that one person might is too great a seduction.

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