Love Letter to Life 12.09.2021 Blues, Lights and Miracles

Dear Life, Shaking my head, I left Denver oncology doctor having heard chemo is no longer a frontline defense against the cancer I have > another cell replacement therapy was offered. I said, “I can’t do another treatment with that level of toxicity”. Made my way to have blood drawn and port flushed then met with Dr Snyder, my Santa Fe oncologist. A miracle was offered: Christus Cancer Center is one of five sites in the world doing a clinical trail with 150 participants that I am eligible and able to do. It is an immunotherapy/vaccine treatment plan. There is hope after hearing a dire prognosis. Plus, I feel my participation serves a greater purpose in finding cures for cancer.
There is light and love and hope in my life.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

PRM Light Warrior

One thought on “Love Letter to Life 12.09.2021 Blues, Lights and Miracles

  1. Dear LightWarrior. Glad you can stay in SF. That is the best part. I’m with you sending hugs love prayers and a grasshopper- just in case you need a spiritual jump. ✅

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