Love Letter to Life 12.12.21 Encapsulated

Dear Life, When I was 21 years old and in art school, a sculpture professor told me “You have one of the most 2-dimensional minds I’ve ever met”. I wasn’t much interested in banging on marble or carving wood. My response to his feedback was my final sculpture project: I photographed myself in a white cube creating a 3-dimensional form in space then presented a slide show and photo exhibit. I had been failing the course but he passed me. “Unique”. Recently, my cancer therapist described me as “encapsulated”; not fragmented; in sync with my-Self. In the past and now, I have held my-Self together within an encapsulated spiritual space. I feel safe and protected here. I believe it’s called Grace.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

PRM in White Box Photo 1974

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