Love Letter to Life 12.23.2021 Keep It Simple

Dear Life, Many Christmas holidays have been with my family in Connecticut. Delicious meals, festive games, and wild wrapping paper fights after all the gifts were happily unwrapped. This year, the tradition continues in CT at my sister’s house. Arlene’s grandchildren are of the age that Santa is real and sugar is permitted in large doses. Violet, 3, and Max, 5, are totally out of their minds with excitement. My heart and spirit miss them and everyone in the East. A glance back makes me a little homesick and happy with fond memories. For me, no travel due to covid and health restrictions. However, I’m grateful for all the friends, love and celebrations here with my “Santa Fe family”.
Sending love to everyone everywhere.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

PRM Christmas of Years Past

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