Love Letter to Life 12.29.2021 Made It Through The Tube

Dear Life, Made it through all the scans and am now glowing in the dark! I’m allergic to Iodine, the dye used to help see imaging. We found this out during hospitalization Nov 2018. A male nurse with very long hair (who only talked about wanting and failing to be a rock star) insisted I drink the Iodine Kool-Aid. I said while drinking, “I’ve had bad reactions to Iodine.” Minutes later, I was projectile vomiting all over his blues. Severe headache followed as I was rolled into radiology. Not a fun day. Since 2018, “Allergy to Iodine” is written on my charts. But yesterday, it became an issue again. Discussion about Clinical Trial “protocols” made me very nervous. Fortunately ALLERGY IODINE was noted and respected. Next Tuesday, I meet with oncologist to hear results and how we proceed. Thank you all for being with me on this roller coaster.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Glowing In THe Dark

2 thoughts on “Love Letter to Life 12.29.2021 Made It Through The Tube

    Sorry it had to be so bad. taught him a lesson though and yourself to stick up for yourself!! Terrible protocols. You are strong and brave, I would have quit, after I vomited all over everyone!!!
    Sending a big hug and a happy neew yearrrrr

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