Love Letter to Life 12.31.2021 All Signs Say LIVE & LOVE

Dear Life, I woke early and reflectively wrote in my journal. It’s been quite a year and two. Some how the ink could not inscribe words about 2021 without referencing 2020: 1/14/20 Diagnosed with Lymphoma. On the same day, an email from my daughter after 51 years of being apart due to releasing her for adoption. World goes upside down and then righted again. Mother Love propels me upright through the death of a dear friend and chemotherapy for 6 months into a “cancer-free” zone for 10 months. The pandemic arrived in early 2020, affecting the global family. No travel. Many deaths. Scientists rush to find a vaccine. They do and thus begins another political divide: to vaccinate or not. Turmoil in medicine and politics. January 2021, sees Washington in an unprecedented upheaval as radical protesters storm the “House” where 2020 election results are being verified. Loss of life. Pandemic rages on. Biden steps up as President. And Trump flies to Florida saying, “It was rigged.” I get more tests and on April 1st, 2021, get the results: Cancer is back and aggressive; next treatment requires lots of chemo and Stem Cell Replacement. On 4/2/21, I fly to CT in order to reunite with my daughter, Tracy. The arms of happiness and joy embrace us for the next week of visits. I meet her children, visit Rose, my 90 year old mom, family, and friends. 4/8/21 back to Santa Fe and then Denver for a battle for my life. The summer of 2021 was the hardest time of treatment I’ve experienced. Home again to Santa Fe in mid-September, I recuperate and prepare to move. October finds me in a new neighborhood and cozy apartment. November brings the news, Stem Cell Replacement failed although I am still here so not entirely. December brings a miracle: I am now #1 patient in the world of Phase Two Clinical Trail that will begin in January 2022. Phew! I smiled, laughed, and cried while living all this and writing this morning.
The year gave me many new experiences but nothing greater than a new experience of love. You are all participating. I thank you with love and gratitude.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Collage: All Signs Say Live & Love

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