Love Letter to Life 01.27.2022 Winter Hibernation

Dear Life, I read a NYT article today about the pandemic. Slowly morphing into an endemic, still dangerous to high-risk groups: the elderly, children under 5 and immune compromised people. The upshot for me: Be careful, wear a mask in indoor public settings, and no large groups. I’m embracing winter hibernation. Living day-to-day with an openness to my heart, creativity, communicating with loved ones, interest in the immediate world around me. The crows talk and the birds sing as the cathedral bells toll every 15 minutes. Shadows change with the light lengthening each day. It’s cold outside. Warm inside. I am alive and well and reporting to you from the white cloud of bed.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Collage 1.27.2022

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