Love Letter to Life 02.18.2022 Need An Uplift

Dear Life, Anemia is a condition that leaves me feeling fatigue with weakness. Such was the case yesterday. Between the cold temps preventing me from going outdoors to walk (helps my heart pump blood throughout my body) and the inside energy going down due to anemia, I succumbed to watching movies by mid-day. Note to self: Find happier films to watch. SPENCER and so many of the “nominated” films are depressing. Must learn to stop a movie at the onset of misery. Any suggestions of new films that will uplift?
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Collage with Paint 2.16.2022

2 thoughts on “Love Letter to Life 02.18.2022 Need An Uplift

  1. Have you watched “The Dish”? Not new but lovely film. Do you get Hulu? “The Great” is a hilarious series. Around the World in 80 Days is on PBS. Wonderfully done. I’ll think of others and text you as they come to me.

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