Love Letter to Life 03.04.2022 Love Is Out There

Dear Life, Today, depending on how my antibody infusion goes, I’ll be able to pick up my new Crosstrek. Found out it was “on the truck”; coming in last night. The news pumped my adrenaline so much I emptied out and washed my Outback. It’s for sale. Went to the bank to have down payment ready and called insurance company. I clipped this Subaru ad a couple of years ago and kept it on my art table. Dreams come true. It’s so good to have something non-medical to look forward to: New wheels and road trips. Love Is Out There.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

May be an image of ‎car, road and ‎text that says '‎Love is out there. Find itin a Crosstrek. اد‎'‎‎
Subaru Ad Campaign 2020

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