Love Letter to Life 04.29.2022 Towards A Dream

Dear Life, I have more affirmations: I want to share life with a partner. Right for one another. All In. I need to care for and be cared for by another. To have a domestic life that is loving, lively, spacious enough for others. Simultaneously a large life and intimate. I write this in bed after a day that saw more tiredness than energy. That’s okay. And I write this after watching a cornball romance movie that had a happy ending. That’s okay, too. Reality: Ear plugs in. Nose and eye drops done. Deep hydration cream on dermatology burn spots. Bandaid between upper lip and nose where burn blister formed and popped. Hoodie and cap on head to keep warm.
Smile. I’m the picture of loveliness. A Goddess In Repose. A dream in waiting.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Collage 04.27.2022

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