Love Letter to Life 05.06 2022 More About Cancer

Love Letter to Life 05.06 2022 More About Cancer

Dear Life, This statement by Dr Nina Shah says a whole lot:

“One cell got really selfish and decided it needed to take up all the resources of everybody else (cells), and in doing so, took up space and energy from the rest of the body”.

This feels accurate inside of my body. Energy gets zapped. Strength and appetite diminishes. Cancer and treatments, especially chemotherapy, create “brain fog”. Each day with few exceptions, I have risen up to meet this formidable foe to-to-toe. I am on the rise today. Some of you have thanked me for the “education”. I knew so little about cancer before I was diagnosed so I’m passing on a little knowledge and experience.
Thank you all for sending energy my way. I feel it.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

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