Love Letter to Life 05.26.2022 Hours In Bed 36 plus

Dear Life, Cancer treatment can hijack my body and put all the brakes on any plans. Tuesday the immunotherapy injection laid me flat for 36 hours plus counting. Although this is somewhat predictable, it is not easy. The body has to assimilate the medication into my blood stream, muscles, and body. Toast with peanut butter and honey agrees with my upset stomach. I’ve delved into the solitude, reading, being quiet, and sleeping. Body feels a bit more energy today. My mind is above the horizon line of darkness. Cropped photo is from a project in Jan 2019 just after an 11 day stint in the hospital. I have ample practice at this. Bed Patience.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

36 hours in bed
PRM Photo Clip 2019

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