Love Letter to Life 06.06.2022 Blood Work, Wigs and Storage

Dear Life, My arm will be willingly poked and blood drawn at noon. Results return within a half hour online. Always grateful for the efficient turn around and caring nurses. My hair has grown with health and waves letting me pack up my five wigs that have served me so well for two years. I’ll bring them to storage. Big smile. While at storage, I’ll say hello to my belongings and get some summer clothes. Also a new-old office chair I own to see if it’s the right chair for the right space. Green Herman Miller that I had in loft. Excited to see if it fits at Webber Street. Hoping to eat take-out Chicken Salad Sandwich with a friend who is helping me today. We’ll see how the day rolls out. Have a good one!
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

WC 06.03.2022

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