Love Letter to Life 06.10.2022 Bacteria Undoes Me

Dear Life, On Wednesday, I was hungry. I ate more than usual and it included leftovers. At midnight, my stomach woke me with heartburn and upset. From 1:00 – 3:00am, I wrapped my arms around the porcelain toilet and immersed my head into its opening. I’ve never had food poisoning and now, a veteran, emphasize with anyone who has. The night event threw my day plan off to celebrate a friend’s birthday with girlfriends. I, being an optimist, did shower, got beautifully dressed, put on make-up and thought, “I can do this”. Ten minutes before my friend’s were to pick me up, I asked my intuition, “Is this a good idea or am I going to be a spoiler at the party?” Response: my stomach flipped and I was embracing the porcelain. It was a NO GO! I slept most of the day, just what my body needed. Lesson:
NO MORE eating leftovers. Fresh food only enters this temple!
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Collage and Watercolor 06.06.2022

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