Love Letter to Life 10.01.2022 Storms

Dear Life, My scan results indicated that cancer cells are back in several places in my lymph nodes and bones but not organs. Large C Cell Lymphoma is an aggressive cancer. It moves around, hides behinds healthy cells and then rises up. Immunotherapy treatments will continue. I was knocked off-balance for a couple of days. Then looked around and appreciated, there is a lot of abundance and good in my life. The clear scan in July was two steps forward. These results are a step back but I’m still on the journey. I appreciate all the support I receive from family and friends. Now out the door to the hospital for an echocardiogram. Me and my team work on weekends!
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Watercolor on Black Paper 09.29.2022

2 thoughts on “Love Letter to Life 10.01.2022 Storms

  1. On the Journey. Your painting is a path. We are all journeywomen together keeping up the love laughter and life’s challenges. Much love and prayers your way. A >

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