Love Letter to Life 11.02.2022 At Home Dress Well Feel Well

Dear Life, I was hooked up to a saline drip through my port and ready for an infusion when the clinical coordinator told me the treatment had to be delayed until next Tuesday. Next week I will get two treatments: Pembro and DPX Survivac. I drove home, ate lunch, and went to bed. My body was programmed for a nap. Later a friend came by to pick up some chicken and rice I had cooked. We visited at the kitchen table and laughed when I said, “I am always well-dressed, even casually, with the belief that someone at anytime can show up at my door and “that someone” may be the love of my life.” I want to feel and look my best.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Collage and Watercolor 09.06.2022

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