Love Letter to Life 02.22.2023 Believe

Dear Life, “The highest creative expression for a human being is to be able to create something new right in the face of adversity, and the worse the adversity, the greater the opportunity”. Jonah Hill from the movie Stutz. I’ve seen this in recovery. People crushed by addiction, including myself 42 years ago, and out of that adversity, create new lives. I face another adversity, cancer, that I’ve faced each day for over three years, sometimes more creatively than others. Today I’ll be content to shower, dress, clean up kitchen, eat lunch, go for a mammogram, attend 6-7 Zoom meeting, eat dinner in front of the TV…
and don’t get blown off the planet by the cold, ferocious wind!
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Acrylic on Black Canvas

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