Love Letter to Life 02.28.2023 Body Working Hard

Dear Life, The White Blood Cell injection boosts the ability for bone marrow to produce more blood cells. It also makes the bones achy. My body is working hard to build cells that are good for me and kill cancer cells. It’s an inferno inside of me. I did have a little more energy yesterday; going to Cancer Center, seeing the nurses and a couple of friends later in the day. I stood up during one of the visits so the chemicals would get the message “We are upright and in motion. I am not giving up.” I painted a watercolor for my Soul to see a pink cloud. Hope to be driving into some big landscapes and beautiful skies soon. Blue Angel needs a good washing. The winds are blowing and gave it the “dusty Santa Fe look”.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Watercolor 02.27.2023

3 thoughts on “Love Letter to Life 02.28.2023 Body Working Hard

  1. How glorious is your watercolor with hope bursting through in vivid pinks. How much life and joy I see there and welcome that. Your art is the phoenix of the spirit, always rising. Thank you.

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