Love Letter to Life 03.23.2023 Sibling Sunset

Dear Life, My sister Arlene is visiting my brother Louis in St Petersburg, FL. I spoke with them as they were on their way to the beach to watch the sunset. Sunny and 75′. Enviable weather. I painted this watercolor after our call. This is how I transport myself with art and imagine myself anywhere. Certainly helps to have this “ability” given the recent years of pandemic restrictions and the limitations cancer treatments has imposed on my life. Yet I feel free. A gift of being an artist and sober.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Watercolor 03.22.2023

One thought on “Love Letter to Life 03.23.2023 Sibling Sunset

  1. Isn’t that wonderful?! All the vividness, the movement of the sun going to bed in the sea and I so love it.

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