Love Letter to Life 03.26.2023 Snow Showers

Dear Life, The clouds, freezing temps, and snow showers persist in the high desert in what can only be described as a gnarly Spring. Yesterday during a brief appearance of the sun but still cold, I drove north with a friend to Abiquiu. The roadside restaurant we hoped to eat at was closed due to “the staff have Covid”. Ah, the pandemic. We made our way to the Abiquiu Inn and enjoyed their fare. The landscape on both sides of the road showed little signs of Spring: globe trees with a golden shade of life and the river flowing strong. I know the earth is waking up and the sun is behind those clouds with the promise of warm days. Today’s watercolor is Snow Showers with a ray of hope.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Watercolor 03.26.2023

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