love letter to life 12.03.2021 sewing is a skill

Love Letter to Life 12.03.2021 Sewing Is A Skill
Dear Life, I bought socks and while cutting a plastic tag, put a hole in the bottom of one sock. Damn. A friend recommended, “Darn the sock”. Old school. Darn. So at 9pm, I was in bed darning the sock. It was satisfying to repair the damage I had done. While sewing, I placed my hope inside of the threads where my feet will walk upon them.
Here is one of my Word Poems inspired by the movie, “Phantom Thread” and apropos to the evening’s sewing event.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Inside the hem
Of this heart
Is a solitude
Greater than
Any outer

White Acrylic on Black Canvas with Dried Roses 2019

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