Love Letter to Life 12.04.2021 Flight or Fight

Dear Life, I want to get a new car with a great sound system, subscribe to an audio book service then drive all over the country while listening to the books recommended by my cancer therapist. Titles run like this: “How To Die”, One Year to Live”, “On Grief and Grieving”. I feel like running. Flight or Fight. My adrenaline won’t let me sit in the house quietly reading books on dying.
These are my candid thoughts this morning. And like the weather, my thoughts change hourly! But don’t be surprised if you hear from me via the road!
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Girl With Suitcase

One thought on “Love Letter to Life 12.04.2021 Flight or Fight

  1. Just in case reading? Well that’s scary to me and naturally worse for you. But you have your team and your friends and your expanded family and you are doing everything you can and leaving the rest to God and nature. You are in the present. I love you.

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