Love Letter to Life 01.20.2022 Writing

Dear Life, It is known that writing is a healing activity and an art form whether stream-of-conscious or given some order. I’ve been scribbling journals, prose, letters, and collections of writings all my life. December 2018 began the daily Love Letters to Life. This January, I started writing Aquamarine Ink, short prose before I go to sleep. I like projects that have a focus and structure that can be shared with a community.
Here is a piece I wrote last night while considering today’s trip to the Cancer Center for a prevention injection of the Covid Antibody.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Aquamarine Ink 01.19.2022

Don’t dress ragged
To go to the chemo suite
Comfortable clothes
Need not look like
Straight from bed
To chair

Lift head and eyes
To greet each person
Wig on straight and smooth
A gift from the ladies
In the Cancer Foundation
Resource room

Sleeves must go easily up
Pants easily and quickly down
Zippers on chest to access port
Shoes that stay on feet
But don’t feel like they
Are anywhere

Collage 01.19.2022

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