Love Letter to Life 01.21.2022 Poem For A Sweater

Dear Life, I recently saw a piece of clothing that I wished I had bought. An unusual sweater hanging on an outside “sale” rack of a consignment shop next to where I pick up my mail. The sweater stayed with me and I called to see if they still had it. Alas, it had been sold. The salesperson said, “You put such positive energy on it that someone bought it right after you left”. Here is my poem of unrequited love for the sweater written before I knew it sold. Moral: Buy it when you see it!
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Aquamarine Ink 01.18.2022

When thread follows needle
Clothe releases tucked pin
Form appears inside line
Neck to waist to knee

Cross stitch near the throat
Embroidery silk
Colors of sun meets sea
Tide of soft texture

Flat to ruffle
Flower knit hues
Waving cotton
Hung on sale

Ten dollars
Hope you are
Still there

Blown Away Acrylic Painting on Paper

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