Love Letter to Life 05.19.2022 A Comforting Hot Pot

Dear Life, I’ve had extraordinary experiences in my 60+ years on the planet. (Coming up to a birthday soon). Meeting Sting on 09.04.1996 during his Mercury Falling Tour has been one. When we met, it felt like old souls reuniting. That connection never extinguishes. That same year, he wrote a song for my former brother-in-law who had AIDS, “Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot”. That song inspires me. Could have been written for me today. Which is what makes Sting a masterful songwriter. Universal Timeless Spirit and Connection. To my friend, the Troubadour, out there on the road today sharing his Voice Beyond Measure.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Sting’s words from an interview: “A friend of mine has AIDS, and it’s a privilege to be around him because he has turned a corner and every moment to him is charged with meaning. He’s so aware all of the time, and so he inspired ‘Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot’. It’s a song about death, or dealing with death in a way that offers some sort of hope. I actually think it’s quite an uplifting song – the intent is for it to be uplifting.” Q magazine, 05/1996

Collage and Ink Painting 2007 PRM and Sting

One thought on “Love Letter to Life 05.19.2022 A Comforting Hot Pot

  1. What a cute pix. Sending love and hugs. We leave Monday for Washington State for some hiking, photoing and birding.

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