Love Letter to Life 05.20.2022 Pen Pal

Dear Life, Male influencers are in my life creatively and this is one. We met in 2017 over a meal with friends in Santa Fe. He was on a cross country motorcycle trip. Life kicked me from under the table and handed me a new journey: We became “pen pals” between 2018-2020 on nearly a daily basis. We continue to correspond on a less regular basis. Lives change. He is a brilliant writer and imaginative artist who lifts my spirit and work. Communicating solely through letter-writing is a lost art form. I am grateful for the many letters of thoughtful and provocative ideas exchanged on numerous topics that deepened my curiosity, perceptions, and insights. One novel he’s written, Love In The Time of Cancer, was a teacher for what was to come in my life. Thank you James for your presence in the world. May everyone get to read your pages and Voice Beyond Measure.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Collage 05.15.2018

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