Love Letter to Life 06.01.2022 New Life

Dear Life, My ashen skin is turning to human neutral with a pink blush. Heartening. My legs are carrying me through the neighborhood for 1-2 mile walks. Invigorating. My creative energy sat down at the art table and made this collage on 5.31.22. Promising. My stomach cooperates with bland food so I am become the Julia Childs of mashed root vegetables or pasta with butter, cream and parmesan. Delicious. My eyes awake at 3:00am (prednisone has turned my sleeping schedule upside-down) either write or read. Current book May Sartons’ AS WE ARE NOW. Good companionship. I fed two friends red-ripe, sweet watermelon when they spontaneously stopped by yesterday. Wealth of community. I wake at 6:00am to read, meditate, journal and write a Love Letter. Nourishing.
I nap 10:00am – noon, wake, and start the day over. A new life.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Collage with Watercolor 5.31.2022

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