Love Letter to Life 06.02.2022 Spirit and Nature

Dear Life, This watercolor flowed from the new brushes and paint yesterday. I sat down at the art table, entered “the zone” of joy and dare I say, bliss. Thank you Joseph Campbell, one of my heroes who advocated “Follow Your Bliss”. My intention for 30 days is to see what appears on the page as my Heart moves to images of Spirit and Nature. I’m looking at the Transcendentalists and flower books. Also the “reverse-glass painters”, of which there are only a handful. Rebecca Salbury James (1891-1968. Also, Claire Libin who lives in Tesuque). Their work can be seen online through web sites and social media. They inspire. Feeling my creative Life Force and we know how healing that is. Enjoy!
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Watercolor 6.01.2022

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