Love Letter to Life 06.04.2022 Fueling Stations (C)

Dear Life, I made this collage with the idea of how my Life Force not only fuels me but how I refuel my Life Force. The Elements, Art, Books, and Nature are mandatory. Sun on my skin; feet in sand whether desert or ocean surf; reflection of light on the edge of an aspen leaf or prancing across an adobe wall. Look up outside. Anytime time day or night. Vast sky scapes offer unlimited fuel stations for the Soul. Gaze inward. Expansive landscape of untold wonders and resources. High Power. Really look right into the eyes of who is near you. When needed, a much needed lift comes from a friend or stranger. And they are fueled, too. Many, many more from an unlimited Source: The Creator.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Collage and Watercolor 06.03.2022

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