Love Letter to Life 06.03.2022 Rearrangement

Dear Life, Read this article written by Mark Nepo and share:

“How we face and absorb the rearrangement that arises out of loss is a very personal journey that can’t be compared to anyone else’s”.

Identify not Compare. A value system from and for living sober over 41 years. I can learn to live in my rearrangements and be a witness to others with a compassionate heart. Losses come in death, violence, divorce, disease, age and health, economy and multitudes of experiences. Living with cancer is a rearrangement. It’s real. It’s very personal. It demands everything of me and challenges everything. I learn to open my heart, go a step forward, or back two, and live in the personal journey I share (mostly) here with you. Thank you for being my witnesses.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Watercolor 06.02.2022

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