Love Letter to Life 06.22.2022 Moving my Body

Dear Life, For years upon waking, I would hit the coffee machine button then blindly pick up my weights, stand in front of the large loft window looking out over the southern range of mountains and begin a 20 minute workout. I did it half-asleep every day and it worked to keep my body fit and toned. In 2020, cancer and treatments interrupted this routine. Since then, I have found it challenging, if not impossible, to engage my body in daily exercise as I once did. And therein lies the issue… As I Once Did. Everything changed with cancer. My body is completely different. Stem Cell Replacement changed every cell. There is no former “body” to rely on. I now have a new body and, in many ways, a better one, more aware of its needs and leaner. This new body is getting stronger. Now I need to build endurance. The battle with cancer requires it. I can see the weights from my comfy beloved bed. I need only take 6 steps and pick them up.
Let’s see what happens when I take a giant step for Pamela Rose’s new body!
Yours Truly, The Athlete Pamela Rose

Collage and Watercolor 06.20.2022

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