Love Letter to Life 06.23.2022 Living With Anemia

Dear Life, Since the onset of health issues in Nov 2018, I’ve had low blood counts, sometimes critical. I have my own “normal” and it’s a lot lower than most folks. Yesterday, I requested bloodwork due to a lack of energy, light-headedness, and my body bruising easily. Blood counts and platelets are lower than my normal but not critical. I was relieved. This is familiar territory. The triage nurse and I had a laugh when I told her, “This girl does not like to nap or go to bed early, hurls her body around in space like a teenager, and forgets her age at all times!” I am slowing down, being very conscientious of where/what my body is doing, and sitting down when it says, “Please take a break.” My mind is on board with the new directives and my Spirit is smiling because I am willing to cooperate.
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Collage 06.13.2022

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