Love Letter to Life 06.26.2022 Yackity, The Inner Critic

Dear Life, Yackity made his entrance into my consciousness early in life. A devil, a monster, a trickster, a horrible critic, a downer, a joy-killer. The list of negative attributes I assign to his voice goes on. However, I learned to identify and “play” with Yackity. If I’m in a rush, I thank him “for sharing” and move on with my thoughts, work, and life without focusing on his negative input. Yackity can throw a wrench into the works if I let him. I’ve learned over the years through trail and tribulation, to recognize Yackity’s appearance by his negative, critical voice. More about our cooperative relationship with Yackity tomorrow.
Name it (the critic) and claim it!
Yours Truly, Pamela Rose

Collage and Watercolor 06.25.2022

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